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Located within close proximity to major UAE cities, Al Zorah emerges as a serene retreat, offering respite from the hustle and bustle of urban life. Positioned along the picturesque Arabian Gulf coast, it entices both residents and visitors with its tranquil ambiance. Al Zorah presents a diverse array of attractions, including a championship golf course, the luxurious Oberoi Beach Resort, a natural mangrove preserve, and enticing dining options.  Gateway Porto Al Zorah stands as an 11-story residential complex, characterized by Mediterranean-inspired architecture. Comprising studios and 1-3 bedroom apartments, the project spans two structures, ranging from 62.4 to 285.9 sqm. Noteworthy is the project’s oversight by a company that is 50% state-owned.

Gateway Porto Al Zorah offers residents an opportunity to rejuvenate amidst the pristine lagoon of the Al Zorah Nature Reserve, home to a 100-hectare mangrove forest, showcasing captivating views of water and wilderness. Residents can indulge in exclusive beach access, ideal for swimming, kayaking, and other aquatic activities throughout most of the year. Additionally, the proximity to amenities such as a marina, verdant park, and an 18-hole golf course enhances the lifestyle experience. Apartment owners enjoy various privileges, including golf club memberships, beach club access, yacht parking discounts, and deferred property purchase fees. Flexibility for resale is also afforded post a 10% down payment.

During nine months of the year, the temperate waters of Al Zorah offer opportunities for swimming, diving, and snorkeling, while the sandy beach provides a serene backdrop for relaxation or team sports under the sun. Sealine Residence enriches the coastal living experience with its upscale apartments, blending contemporary elegance with exceptional comfort.

Situated within Al Zorah City, this property stands as a testament to sophisticated coastal living, offering proximity to essential amenities within the complex. The inclusion of four shops ensures residents’ convenience, complemented by meticulously designed apartments ranging from one to four bedrooms, featuring green courtyards, a swimming pool, gym, and other facilities. Al Zorah harmonizes natural beauty with urban infrastructure, boasting world-class resorts, residences, commercial spaces, wellness facilities, and an 18-hole championship golf course along a stunning 12-kilometer waterfront.

Aligned with the strategic objective to foster growth, the Government of Ajman partnered with Solidere International to develop Al Zorah, a Freehold and Free Zone area since 2008. Foreigners enjoy the right to 100% ownership and tax-free development within this designated zone, as per the decree by His Highness Sheikh Humaid Bin Rashid El Nuaimi, the ruler of Ajman.

Purchase price of 1 bedroom apartment starts at € 379.204.
Monthly rent is set at € 1000,-

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Medical Services

Medical Services Home At GNS Housing, your well-being is our top priority, which is why we offer comprehensive medical services…

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Airport & Transportation At GNS Housing, we prioritize accessibility and comfort when departing to your destination. This commitment to convenience…

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Global Nomad Solutions provides access to comprehensive international and alternative insurance and investment options that suit your unique situation. We advise you on the best options to meet security requirements and achieve economic value in the countries where you work and reside. In light of the latter, UBS/GNS offers a housing portfolio to ensure you also have an excellent place to live. All housing options provided by UBS/GNS are qualified as ‘high quality’ and are guaranteed as such.

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About GNS

1 What is GNS Housing?

GNS Housing is a housing & property provider in the ASEAN & Middle East region for Digital Nomads & Entrepreneurs. GNS Housing is part of Global Nomad Solutions. GNS offers various services in order to make sure that you, as a Digital Nomad or Entrepreneur, are able to focus on your core activities. Global Nomad Solutions takes care of all administrative, tax-related, legal, and financial obligations, plus offers multiple services so you can achieve various economic benefits. Global Nomad Solutions is an initiative of UBS International and provides services through an innovative and comprehensive support portal. This helps Digital Nomads and entrepreneurs to work and travel the world without worries, in compliance with relevant laws and regulations. We fully understand the unique challenges that Digital Nomads and entrepreneurs face, and with tailor-made solutions, we support Digital Nomads and entrepreneurs in making their travels, stays, and related financial matters go smoothly, successfully and more over: in a sustainable manner.

Amenities & Services

1 What amenities and services are included?

The amenities and services displayed on the website are part of the standard offerings. Additional amenities and services specific to your housing or property request will be provided. There is also an option to expand  services as needed. This will be provided as option after your request.

Housing & Property

1 Property: Are payment plans available?

Yes, multiple convenient payment plans are available.
These will be attached with the proposal you receive from GNS after you submitted the request.

2 What happens when I submit a request for housing?

Once you submit a request, you will receive an email from GNS containing a proposal that includes availability and the associated terms and conditions.

3 What happens when I submit a request for a property?

Similar to housing, upon your request, GNS will email you a proposal detailing availability and the terms and conditions.


1 Housing: Are bills included ?

Yes, bills are included.
No additional charges for water, electricity and internet / WiFi.

2 What is the process for payments?

After submitting a request, you will receive an email  with an proposal from GNS outlining availability and terms. Regarding payments, various options are available based on your personal situation. If you are already client at Global Nomad Solutions, your request and proposal will be shown in your dashboard at UBS.

3 Is TAX included?

Yes, taxes are included.

4 What payments are accepted?

Most payments are accepted. After your request, you will receive a proposal with the related payment options.  This includes (pre-)payments options through all available monetary routes.

5 Property: Are payment plans available?

Yes, multiple convenient payment plans are available.
These will be attached with the proposal you receive from GNS after you submitted the request.

Terms and conditions

1 Where can I find the terms and conditions?

Specific terms and conditions will be provided with each request. If you are already client at Global Nomad Solutions, your T&C’s will be shown in your dashboard at UBS.


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