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Airport & Transportation

At GNS Housing, we prioritize accessibility and comfort when departing to your destination. This commitment to convenience extends beyond our aviation services and is ingrained in our housing and property offerings. Not only do we ensure that our properties are situated in proximity to major airports, but we also go the extra mile by coordinating various shuttle services, taxis, and transportation options for our clients.

As part of our comprehensive housing and property services, we understand the importance of seamless travel logistics for our clients. Whether you’re arriving at your destination, rest assured that GNS Housing will facilitate every aspect of your journey, from touchdown to your doorstep. Experience unparalleled convenience and peace of mind with GNS Housing’s integrated approach to travel and accommodation solutions. 

The Airport & Transportation Service includes the following

Contact details for airport and transportation service

  • Phone: +31 30 227 0497 or +(31)6-57912496 in case of an emergency. Also available on Whatsapp. 
  • Email: contact [at] 

Questions? Get in touch!

The GNS Housing team consists of the members which you can find below. Feel free to contact us if needed; we are happy to answer all of your questions and are able to respond on a short notice.

Nomair van Wijk


Anne de Leeuw

Program Manager

Michael Noy




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